A Journey of Excellence Since its Inception

Since its foundation in 1997, Teamplast has embarked on an ambitious journey to build and consolidate a distinctive brand in the field of production and processing of high-performance polymers. From the early stages, our mission has been characterized by a constant commitment to high technological and qualitative standards.

Over the years, our growth has transformed Teamplast into an internationally relevant industrial entity. Our presence extends to international markets within the European Union (CEE) and beyond, where we have gained the trust and collaboration of some of the major users of technopolymeric articles.

We stand out for our high technical and manufacturing expertise. Leveraging the latest production technologies, we position ourselves at the forefront of delivering finished products that best meet the increasingly complex needs of our clientele.

Our success is the result of unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Teamplast has established itself as a benchmark industrial entity, and we will continue to grow and innovate, holding firm to our promise of providing high-quality solutions that meet the ever-evolving challenges of the global market. Our story is one of success, and the future will see us maintaining high standards of performance and service, guided by our dedication to excellence.


Our company vision extends beyond mere technological and production growth; we believe that the value of a company is also reflected in relationships and corporate culture. With the passion that sets us apart, we are committed to continually developing our expertise and knowledge in industrial and managerial processes, consistently improving the quality of our products, and enhancing relationships with customers.
At Teamplast, we firmly believe that every customer is first and foremost a partner with whom to share a design journey. From defining specifications to choosing the most suitable raw materials, to fine-tuning the production cycle, we collaborate side by side to pursue the best cost/benefit ratio and deliver an effective, durable, and competitive product.
Our dedication to "doing" translates into a constant commitment to exceed the expectations of our business partners, ensuring satisfying and lasting results. At Teamplast, every project is a strategic partnership, and we work tirelessly to ensure that each phase of the process reflects the values of quality, collaboration, and shared success.

 Beyond Technology, Towards Partnership.


Our mission is driven by the determination to develop and consolidate our presence in international markets, focusing on sectors where we excel in terms of technical and production expertise. We aspire to sustainable and enduring growth, embracing diversification and aiming for the development of new technologies, such as 3D printing.
We commit ourselves to be at the forefront of our field, anticipating market needs and adopting innovative solutions. Our vision includes a constant evolution to remain competitive and actively contribute to the transformation and innovation of the sectors in which we operate. We are oriented towards offering our international customers and partners the best technological solutions, with the goal of confirming our position as a leading reference.
We hold a position of excellence in the production of technical articles primarily in PTFE and other high-performance Technopolymeric materials, leveraging qualified expertise in mechanical processing to transform extruded and molded tubes, offering tailor-made solutions.
Our focus is on manufacturing sealing gaskets for hydraulic, pneumatic applications, and various industrial markets. Our dedication is reflected in the production of zero-waste articles for the Automotive sector, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.
Flexibility is at the core of our operations, with the ability to provide a wide range of customized articles according to customer-provided designs. Our vision is to be a reliable and innovative partner, contributing to the success and satisfaction of our customers' needs in the broader sectors of the industry.

Our Mission for Excellence.


Teamplast places significant importance on quality through a series of in-depth material tests, ensuring the excellence of its products. Our expertise in polymer analysis adheres to international standards such as ASTM, DIN, AMS, and BS, ensuring that our materials meet global regulations.

Mechanical tests we conduct include assessments of tensile strength, hardness, specific weight, and ultrasonic tests, providing a comprehensive overview of the mechanical properties of our materials. Additionally, we perform electrical checks, such as spark and dielectric resistance tests, to ensure compliance with electrical standards.

Thermal analysis is a key element in our processes, and we utilize tests such as TGA, DSC, and FTIR spectroscopy to understand the thermal properties of our materials. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and SEM/EDX spectroscopy allow us to examine the structure and composition of materials in-depth.

For powder granulometry analysis, we perform roughness measurements, three-dimensional evaluations, and dimensional inspections using high-definition cameras. This comprehensive range of analyses ensures that our semi-finished and finished products meet the highest expectations in terms of quality and performance.

In summary, Teamplast is committed to ensuring the quality of its materials through in-depth analyses, meeting the diverse needs of various industrial sectors.


Our Research and Development department is a fundamental pillar within our organization, playing a crucial role in both developing new business opportunities and refining our processing techniques. Teamplast is ready to offer technical support, taking a proactive role in assisting our partners in researching and developing innovative solutions.

The technical success we pursue with determination is closely linked to the precise pairing of high-quality materials with the most suitable processing technologies. We actively engage in identifying the optimal semi-finished product, addressing the technical challenges associated with producing the finished component. In this context, collaboration with our partners is crucial: we work side by side to ensure that each solution precisely meets specific technical requirements.

Our R&D is not only an innovation center but also a benchmark for technical excellence. We are ready to tackle the most complex challenges, conducting in-depth research and developing solutions that constantly elevate industry standards. With a total commitment to technological perfection, it is a key catalyst for the long-term success of our organization and our partners.

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